URS - Soviet Union :

The USSR fell apart in 1991, leaving many newly formed states in Europe and Asia, as by this timetable:

1991-09-06 on: Estonia (EST), Latvia (LVA), and Lithuania (LTU) declared independence, leaving Kaliningrad (KAL) as russian exclave in the baltic area

1991-12-26 on: Russia (RUS), Ukraine (UKR), Belarus (BLR), Moldova (MDA) in Europe, and Armenia (ARM), Azerbaijan (AZE) (with exclave Nakhichevan (NAK)), Georgia (GEO), Kazakhstan (KAZ), Kyrgystan (KGZ), Tadjikistan (TJK), Turkmenistan (TKM), and Uzbekistan (UZB) in Asia

- see here for a note on stations of formerly exixting countries -

the USSR was the largest state on earth. To give you a clue on the station's location, coded in the station number, look here

AF Moskva URS-4249
ALFA Seyda URS-7432
APN Moskva URS-4210
Aeroflot Moskva URS-4255
Aktyubinsk Aero URS-7023
Alma Ata Aero URS-7021
Alma Ata Meteo URS-7024
Archangelsk Aero URS-4262
Archangelsk Meteo URS-4260
Archangelsk Radio (UXN) (later: UCE/UGE) URS-4261
Ashkabad Aero URS-7461
Astrachan Aero URS-4299
Astrachan Radio (UCY) URS-4268
Baku Aero URS-6721
Baku Radio (UON) URS-6724
Baku Volmet URS-6722
Batumi Radio (UHK) URS-6021
Belomorsk Radio (UGF2) URS-4303
Chelyabinsk Aero URS-8701
CUB Emb Moskva URS-CUBd
Dashoguz Aero URS-7426
Dushanbe Aero URS-7661
EGY Emb Moskva URS-EGYd
Ekaterinburg Aero URS-8647
  Elista Aero URS-8822
F Emb Moskva (U3H) URS-Fd
Feodosia Radio (UEK) (later: UTM) URS-3294
Frunze Aero URS-7841
Gelendzhik Radio (UVA) URS-4244
German Red Cross (DRK) Stepanavan (DEKA3010) URS-6323
Gomel Aero URS-2821
HNG Emb Moskva (HGX68) URS-HNGd
I Emb Moskva URS-Id
IAN Moskva URS-4311
ICRC Baku URS-6723
Irkutsk Meteo URS-8624
Irkutsk Volmet URS-8625
Izmail Radio (UJO) (later: USO) URS-3298
Kaliningrad Aero URS-2622
Kaliningrad Radio (UJY) (later: UIW) URS-2624
Kazan Aero URS-8635
Kertch Radio (UKG) (later: URK) URS-3219
Khabarovsk Aero URS-8703
Khabarovsk Meteo URS-8636
Khabarovsk Volmet URS-8704
Kholmsk Radio (UDB2) URS-8637
Kholmsk Radio (UQB) URS-8638
Kiev Aero URS-3232
Kiev Meteo (RGC/RPN) URS-3220
Kiev Radio (RWHB) (later: UWS) URS-3203
Kiev Radio (UJQ) (later: UTQ) URS-3224
Kiev Volmet URS-3233
Kishinev Aero URS-3861
Kishinev Meteo (RYZ) URS-3820
Klaipeda Radio (URB2) (later: LYL) URS-2425
Klaipeda Radio (UNM2) (later: LYK) URS-2424
Kotlas Aero URS-4282
Krasnodar Aero URS-4284
Kuybychev Aero URS-4201
Kuybychev Volmet URS-4202
Leningrad Aero URS-4205
Leningrad Meteo URS-4289
Leningrad Radio (RJFY/UCW4) URS-4292
Leningrad Radio (URD) (later: UGC) URS-4290
Leningrad Volmet URS-4206
Liepaja Radio (UPW2) (later: YLL) URS-2225
Lvov Aero URS-3237
Magadan Aero URS-8654
Makhachkala Aero URS-8813
Mariupol (Zhdanov) Radio (UBN) (later: USU) URS-3297
Mariupol (Zhdanov) Radio (UDC) (later: UTW) URS-3351
Mil Moskva URS-4380
Mineralnye Vody Aero (RCB) URS-4310
Minsk Aero URS-2822
Minsk Meteo (RNJ/RSR/RST) URS-2826
Minsk Radio URS-2801
Moscow Radio Telephone Station (PTT Moskva) URS-4491
Moskva Aero URS-4251
Moskva Meteo URS-4231
Moskva Radio (UAT) URS-4326
Moskva Radio (ROT) URS-4323
Moskva Volmet URS-4327
Mozdak Aero URS-4045
Murmansk Aero URS-4355
Murmansk Meteo (RBW/RKS) URS-4233
Murmansk Radio (UDK) URS-4358
Murmansk Radio (UHS/UMV) URS-4364
Murmansk Radio (UQA4) URS-4363
NDBs - 70 non-directional beacons active in the former Soviet Union extra page
NOWOSTI Moskva URS-4381
Nadym Aero URS-8677
Nakhodka Radio (UAI3) URS-8674
Nakhodka Radio (UKK3) URS-8676
  NOR Emb Moskva (LJA33) URS-NORd
Novorossiisk Radio (UFN) URS-4450
Novorossiisk Radio (UNQ) URS-4294
Novosibirsk Aero URS-8687
Novosibirsk Meteo URS-8650
Novosibirsk Volmet URS-8688
Ny Archangelsk URS-4306
Ny Chaldybar (RIW/V) URS-7801
Ny Kaliningrad (RMP) URS-2620
Ny Khiva (RIW/V) URS-7225
Ny Moskva URS-4437
Ny Sevastopol (RCV) URS-3215
Ny Vaygach URS-4297
Ny Vladivostok URS-8766
Ny network (SLB - single letter beacons) (D/P/S/C/A/F/K/M) URS-1009
Odessa Aero URS-3253
Odessa Radio (UFB) (later: UUI) URS-3254
Omsk Aero URS-8646
PAK Emb Moskva URS-PAKd
Parnu Radio (RKDF) (later ESP) URS-2029
Perm Aero URS-8608
PTT Kuybishev URS-4485
PTT Moskva (Moscow Radio Telephone Station) URS-4491
PTT Tbilisi URS-6026
Pechora Aero URS-8604
Petropavlovsk Radio (UBE) URS-8609
Petrozavodsk Radio (RUA8) URS-4332
Prensa Latina Relay Moskva URS-4472
Providenia Bukhta Radio (UPB) URS-8618
Radio Moskva Feeder URS-4286
Riga Radio (UDH) (later: YLQ) URS-2228
Riga Radio (UQK) (later: YLN) URS-2220
Riga Volmet URS-2229
Rostov Aero URS-4300
Rostov Volmet URS-4302
S Emb Moskva (SAM38) URS-Sd
SAAM Dikson (UPV) URS-8755
SAAM Moskva (ULV) URS-4240
SAAM Murmansk (RBW) URS-4242
SAAM Tiksi (UHY) URS-8760
Samarkand Aero URS-7226
Saratov Aero URS-4316
Sevastopol Radio (URL) URS-3268
Simferopol Aero URS-3278
single letter beacons (Navy network) (D/P/S/C/A/F/K/M) URS-1009
Sochi Aero URS-4203
Stavropol Aero URS-4254
Swiss Disaster Relief (SKH), Ghukasian URS-6301
Syktyvkar Volmet URS-8792
TASS Moskva URS-4211
TCH Emb Moskva (5W3) URS-TCHd
TS Irkutsk (RID/RTZ) URS-8886
TS Molodechno (RJH69) URS-2842
TS Moskva (RBU/RWM) URS-4214
TS Novosibirsk (RTA) URS-8892
TS Tashkent (RCH) (later: ULA4) URS-7228
Tallinn Radio (UAH) (later: ESA) URS-2027
Tallinn Volmet URS-2020
Tashkent Aero URS-7221
Tashkent Meteo URS-7224
Tashkent Volmet URS-7229
Tbilisi Aero URS-6028
Tbilisi Meteo (RDK/RDM) URS-6023
Tbilisi Volmet URS-6029
Termez Aero URS-7220
Tyumen Aero URS-8713
Ufa Aero URS-8912
Ventspils Radio (UNI) (later: YLZ) URS-2231
Vitebsk Aero URS-2824
Vladikavkaz Aero URS-4046
Vladivostok Radio (UKA) URS-8389
Vladivostok Radio (UFL) URS-8925
Vladivostok Radio (UFZ) URS-8024
Yalta Radio (UCO) (later: UWY) URS-3296
Yerevan Aero URS-6321
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Radio (UHO2) URS-8630
Zhdanov (Mariupol) Radio (UBN) (later: USU) URS-3297
Zhdanov (Mariupol) Radio (UDC) (later: UTW) URS-3351