TS Moskva (RBU/RWM) :


a recording of RWM from 1971 (rb)
061539z Apr 2003, RWM, 14996,0 kHz, A1A (by ti25)
this recording of RBU on longwave 66.666 kHz has no id, but you have the idea how it sounds (Nils Schiffhauer, 2010)


from the collection of Dieter Pohlmann, here is a letter from the state committee, unfortunately completely russian (1984)
this letter is much easier; it has a translation (Jean-Luc Wauqier, 1984)
a short QSL letter for the 66,66 kHz signal of RBU (Patrick Robic, 1997)
this nice QSL came in 1998 (by ti25)
another nice QSL edition, issued 2001 (Vladimir Rozhkov)
a very colorful QSL card from 2004 (Frank Schüttig)
here a screenshot of the signal from a spectrum receiver, showing RBU (66.666 kHz), HBG (75 kHz), and DCF77 (77,5 kHz) (rb, 2009)




RBU (longwave)
RWM (shortwave)


Frequencies Morse Telegraphy: