KAL - Kaliningrad :

Kaliningrad Oblast was, as like the Russian Federation (where it politically belongs to), part of the Soviet Union (URS) until 1991-09-05.
Due to the first division of the Soviet Union into different independent republics, on 1991-09-06, Kaliningrad became an exclave, surrounded by Poland, Lithuania, and the baltic sea.

- see here for a note on stations of formerly exixting countries -


Kaliningrad Aero KAL-22
Kaliningrad Radio (UIW) (former UJY) KAL-24
NDB Baltijsk DGPS KAL-30
NDB Baltijsk Lt. *BK KAL-21
NDB Chernyakhovsk *LP KAL-34
NDB Kaliningrad *FG/KR KAL-32
NDB Kaliningrad *P KAL-20
NDB Mys Taran Lt. *BT KAL-23
  MRCC Kaliningrad Rescue KAL-31
RUS Ny Kaliningrad (P/RMP) KAL-20