BLR - Belarus :

Belarus was part of the Soviet Union (URS) until 1991-12-25

- see here for a note on stations of formerly exixting countries -


Minsk Aero BLR-22
Minsk Meteo (RNJ/RSR/RST) BLR-26
  NDB Brest *IA BLR-23
  NDB Hrodna *G/W BLR-50
  NDB Hrodna *GP/WF BLR-44
NDB Minsk *GH/VX BLR-27
  NDB Minsk *GK/NE BLR-54
NDB Minsk *QM/WN BLR-69
  NDB Pleshchenitsy *OK BLR-25
TS Molodechno (RJH69) BLR-42