When I started this radiocommunications museum in the year 2008, I was looking at the stations of extinguished countries in a rather simple way: all details, like callsigns and frequencies, and all multimedia items, like recordings and pictures, were added to a station's page in the appropriate country, as seen politically - but this attempt was leading to multiple pages of one single station, for each political phase an own page. This only worked fine for stations that ceased operation before the country extinguished, or at the same time. This kept the focus on the country.
But, things are a bit more complicated, because this approach does not reflect the history of the station itself. Many stations continued their work without interruption; the political change did not affect the stations' work. Look at a coastal radio station for example, where the same geographic coastal area has to be served, independent from the changes of political borders.
So while working on updates for countries of the former Soviet Union, I noted, that it would make more sense to look at a radio station with all technical details and multimedia content at once, and linking the stations' page to both countries involved. This is not only true for the dissolution of the Soviet Union, also the German reunification is involved: Rügen Radio continued working for several years in reunified Germany, so having 2 pages (one about the station in the German Democratic Republic, one about the station in the Federal Republic of Germany) does not make too much sense. As you know, there are some more countries involved in this topic, just to mention Yugoslavia and Yemen - and more changes may happen as the world is turning.
While I write these lines, I know that still many stations haves 2 different pages in 2 different countries here - but with forthcoming updates, there will be 1 page per station only, accessible from all the countries involved, thus reflecting the station's history over the centuries. But still, a station is only linked to those countries, in which the station really worked. An example maybe Beograd Meteo (YZZ) in Yugoslavia - that station ceased operations in the 1980's, and thus never operated out of the Republic of Serbia. Consequently, Beograd Meteo is listed in Yugoslavia only, not in Serbia

April 2021, -rb-