UZB - Uzbekistan :

Uzbekistan was part of the Soviet Union (URS) until 1991-12-25

- see here for a note on stations of formerly exixting countries -


D AF Termez (DHO24) UZB-201
NDB Bukhara *B/U UZB-980
NDB Bukhara *BR/UH UZB-990
NDB Khanabad AB *PK/WF UZB-930
NDB Tashkent-Sergeli *SR UZB-560
NDB Urgench *N/R UZB-223
Samarkand Aero UZB-260
TS Tashkent (ULA4) (former RCH) UZB-280
Tashkent Aero UZB-210
Tashkent Meteo UZB-240
Tashkent Volmet UZB-290
Termez Aero UZB-200


Samarkand at night - it's a must-see ! (rb, 2019)


see the building of 'UZTELECOM' in Sharisabz, a small town between Samarkand and Bukhara - surely no HF from here (rb, 2019)