D - Germany :

Germany was divided after World War II into four occupation zones, from which the American, British, and French zones formed in 1948 the Federal Republic of Germany (capital city: Bonn), also known as West-Germany, and the Soviet zone formed the German Democratic Republic (capital city: Berlin), also known as East-Germany. The city of Berlin kept it's status as occupied territory, as an enclave within the German Democratic Republic. Since October 3, 1990, the 3 parts are unified again, as Federal Republic of Germany (capital city: Berlin).
This is only a very short look on the post-worldwar-2 history of Germany, just as much as is needed for this museum. There is more, of course...

For Germany, the station-numbers give you a clue in which of the 16 federal states the station is located. When you are interested, look here.

- see here for a note on stations of formerly exixting countries -


Aero Lloyd, Oberursel D-6034
AF - Air Force stations -> see military stations in Germany extra page
Airbus Industries, Hamburg-Finkenwerder D-2312
Army - Army stations -> see military stations in Germany extra page
BGS Coburg (DEL36) D-8618
BNDVB Bonn (6XM8) D-5037
BND Husum (DEA47) D-2022
  Borkum Radio (KBM) D-3008
  Bremen Rescue (MRCC Bremen, DGzRS) D-3502
Coast Guard Cuxhaven (Küstenwache) D-3055
Coast Guard Neustadt (Holstein) (Küstenwache) D-2061
Coast Guard Ship 'Bayreuth' (Küstenwache) IW-3413
Coast Guard Ship 'Bredstedt' (Küstenwache) IW-3157
DARC Aurora-Beacon, Scheggerott (DRA5) D-2002
DBP Frankfurt D-6098
DBP Hamburg D-2300
DHI Hydrographic Institute Hamburg D-2308
DPA Hamburg D-2301
DRK (Red Cross) Berlin (DEK23) D-4021
DRK (Red Cross) Berlin mobil (DEKA8810) D-4008
DRK (Red Cross) Bonn (DEK88) D-5002
DRK (Red Cross) Bremen (DEK34) D-3517
DRK (Red Cross) Düsseldorf (DEK26) D-5003
DRK (Red Cross) Hamburg (DEK33) D-2304
DRK (Red Cross) Hannover (DEK27) D-3039
DRK (Red Cross) Moers (DEK32) D-5005
DRK (Red Cross) München (=BRK) (DEK31) D-8576
DRK (Red Cross) Quickborn (DEK30) D-2011
DRK (Red Cross) Stuttgart (DEK25) D-8073
DSV Deutscher Sport-Verlag, Köln D-5007
Deutsche Katastrophenhilfe, Bonn (DHK20) D-5094
Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht Stuttgart D-8064
Deutsche Welle Feeder D-5010
Deutscher Wetterdienst Hamburg (DDH/DDK) D-2303
Deutscher Wetterdienst Kassel (DDA43) D-6006
Deutscher Wetterdienst List auf Sylt (DDA02) D-2045
Deutscher Wetterdienst Offenbach (DCF54) D-6068
EFR Radio Ripple Control, Burg (DCF39) D-3701
EFR Radio Ripple Control, Mainflingen (DCF49) D-6007
Elbe-Weser Radio, Cuxhaven (DAC) D-3036
Glücksburg Rescue (DHM42) D-2040
Grengel Meteo (DHJ51) D-5896
Hamburg Meteo (DDH/DDK) D-2303
Hamburg Radio (DAJ) D-2310
Hapag-Lloyd Hannover D-3034
ICRC (DRK) (Red Cross) Bonn (DEK88) D-5002
INTERPOL Wiesbaden (DEB) D-6097
Jade Hochschule, Elsfleth (maritime training centre) (DH6000) D-3023
Kassel Meteo (DDA43) D-6006
Kiel Radio (DAO) (Global Link Network) D-2058
Kiel Radio (DAO) (DBP) D-2042
Küstenwache Cuxhaven (Coast Guard) D-3055
Küstenwache Neustadt (Holstein) (Coast Guard) D-2061
LORAN Sylt (DML) D-2043
LTU Düsseldorf D-5098
Lufthansa Frankfurt D-6036
MARS - Military Affiliated Radio System -> see military stations in Germany extra page
MARPRESS Frankfurt (DFR) D-2301
MFA Bonn D-5100
  MRCC Bremen Rescue (DGzRS) D-3502
mil -> see military stations in Germany extra page
MoI - 19 stations of the Ministry of Interior network in Germany extra page
NDB - 141 German non-directional beacons extra page
Norddeich Radio (DAN) D-3049
Ny - Naval stations -> see military stations in Germany extra page
Offenbach Meteo D-6068
PIAB Bonn D-5048
Plath Corporation, Hamburg D-2314
POL Emb Köln D-5060
Polizeihauptfunkstelle (PHFS) Kirspenich D-T509
PTB Braunschweig / Mainflingen (DCF77) D-3054
Radio Free Europe (RFE) Holzkirchen Feeder D-8583
Rohde + Schwarz, München D-8511
Rügen Radio (DHS) D-2816
SUI Emb Bonn (HBD64) D-5063
  SVN Army at Combined Endeavour Mil Exercise D-9125
Sendestelle Kirspenich D-T509
Sendestelle Langen D-T609
Sylt Meteo (DDA02) D-2045
TCH Emb Berlin (OMZ6) D-TCHd
TCH Emb Bonn (OMZ1) D-5055
THA Emb Bonn (HSF212BNN) D-5065
US mil -> see military stations in Germany extra page
Voice of America Relay Station Ismaning (KMJ29) D-8501
VWD Eschborn D-6090
Wasserschutzpolizei Emden (DHL62) D-3043