TCH - Czechoslovakia :

Former Czechoslovakia (TCH) fell apart in 1992 and was divided into 2 States as from January 1, 1993: Czech Republic (CZE) and Slovakia (SVK)
The stations listed here were in operation until december 31,1992, or before that time

- see here for a note on stations of formerly existing countries -


Academy of Science, Praha (OMA) TCH-240
Bratislava Radio (OMC) TCH-623
CSA Praha (OKL) TCH-248
CTK Praha TCH-245
Komarno Radio (OMK) TCH-624
MNG Emb Praha (OMZ24) TCH-MNGd
MoI Praha (OLX) TCH-237
MoT Praha (OMD/OMV) TCH-254
NDB - 27 non-directional beacons from Czechoslovakia extra page
Observatory Praha (OMA) TCH-240
  PTT Praha TCH-267
Praha Meteo (OKLA) TCH-244
Praha Radio (OMP) TCH-272
Praha Volmet (OKLA) TCH-235
  S Emb Praha (SAM39) TCH-Sd