Specials :


In this page you will find a more thematical oriented listing of utility radio stations, contrary to the alphabetical and by-country listings on the other pages. The stations presented, however, are exactly the same ones, and the pages shown within these 'specials' are the same pages as within the country involved. This kind of thematical listing is certainly useful to find stations of a related topic within the large amount of utility station data sheets around on this website - some kind of a guidance through this jungle ;-)

For a start, here it goes with Time Signal and Standard Frequency Stations - they were widely heard all over the world, and some are still active today.

One of my favorite topics are the stations of the Point-to-Point Radiotelephone Networks. These stations, with their remarkable voice mirrors - for me, they are the heart of this whole website. Unfortunately, with the rise of satellite communications, the use of shortwave radio for point to point telephone purposes faded out. I think, the last voive mirror that I really heard 'live' on shortwave was sometime in the late 1980's. Still existing are radiotelephone services for ships at sea, but that's a different story.

Another fine thing on the utility bands were the morse code transmissions from the
Coastal Radio Telegraph Services. They now have almost completely faded out, but in their best times in the 1970's and 1980's there was a nearly unlimited number of stations to be heard. Some were quite easy, as they transmitted continuously for hours on their house-frequency, others only appeared for a few minutes a day - knowing their times of a collective call or of a scheduled weather forecast for mariners made the chance to pick them up.