Time Signal and Standard Frequency Stations :


For many radio listeners, this was the only 'legal' attempt for listening to utility stations. When all other stations were illegal to listen to, time signal and standard frequency stations always were legal, and publications noted them as a normal part of the radio spectrum. So, many utility dxers started their career with hunting for these signals...:
Today, the importance of these transmissions to the scientific community has decreased, on the other hand, there is now more public use. For example, in many countries you may operate 'radio-controlled' clocks, which often derive their time from the longwave stations listed here. Also, some shortwave radios have a distinct 'WWV' preset function to present you their actual time announcement.

Now, with this latest update (December 2011), there are a few stations included, that are no real 'time signal stations' at all. The one is a station from the US - Defence Civil Preparedness Agency, which was transmitting time announcements, but who's real purpose was to be able to survive an atomic war, and to give instructions for those few still alive. The other station is from Uruguay - they did not have their own 'voice mirror', they used their local telephone time announcement for identification and adjustment on international radiotelephone circuits. That's why they were know as 'La Senal...'

There is an official list of time signal stations, which is quite informative. But please be aware, that some official institutions pass changes of their stations a little bit slowly to international organizations. And please keep in mind, that this is an annually renewed list - but this link may help you to find next year's list!


TS Molodecno (RJH69) BLR-42
Academy of Science, Praha (OMA) CZE-240
DHI Hydrographic Institute Hamburg (DAN / DAO) D-2308
PTB Braunschweig (DCF77) D-3054
TS Nauen (Y3S) DDR-510
Ny Cadiz (EBC) E-569
Observatoire de Paris (FTA) F-2351
  PTT Bagneux (FFH) F-2312
MIKES Espoo FIN-366
NPL Teddington (MSF) G-293
Royal Greenwich Observatory, London G-358
Amici di ITALCABLE Time Signal Station I-560
IEN Torino (IBF) I-215
PT Roma TS, (IAM) I-391
TS Arkhangelsk (RJH77) RUS-8884
TS Krasnodar (RJH63) RUS-4334
TS Moskva (RBU / RWM) RUS-4214
TS Nizhniy Novgorod (RJH90) RUS-6091
Observatoire Neuchatel (HBG) SUI-28

  NPL Pretoria (ZUO) AFS-710 

SAO Lintong (BPM) CHN-267
Shanghai Observatory (BPV) CHN-289
Royal Observatory Hongkong HKG-40
NPL New Delhi (ATA) IND-213
RRL Tokyo (JJY) J-235
TS Bishkek (RJH66) KGZ-42
KSRI Taejon (HLA) KOR-450
TS Irkutsk(RID) RUS-8886
TS Novosibirsk (RTA) RUS-8892
TS Chung-Li (BSF) TWN-270
TS Tashkent (RCH / ULA4) UZB-280

 North America
NRC Ottawa (CHU) CAN-5300
Defence Civil Preparedness Agency, Chase, MD (WGU20) USA-3494
NBS Fort Collins, CO (WWV) USA-9208

 South America
IGMA Buenos Aires (LQB) ARG-295
Observatorio Naval Buenos Aires (LOL) ARG-280
Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro (PPE) B-415
Ny Valparaiso (CCV) CHL-279
IOA Guayaquil (HD2IOA) EQA-250
Ny Callao (OBC3) PRU-310
ANTEL Montevideo 'La Senal' URG-410
Observatorio Cagigal, Caracas, (YVTO) VEN-420

APO Lyndhurst (VNG) AUS-8100
NSC Llandilo (VNG) AUS-6110
NIST Kekaha (WWVH) HWA-33
  TS Lower Hutt (ZLFS) NZL-295
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