NDB Ørland-Uthaug *UTH :


a recording made with the help of a 'Kiwi' in the region (rb, 2020)

this friendly letter dates from 1985 (Rudy van Dalen)
this QSL via prepared card dates from 2004, verifying TAR-349 and UTH-366 (Lars Lundström)
see this multi-QSL, received by Rudi Renkwitz in 2006: STG-369, TAR-349, TAT-393, UTH-366, VAR-319, and VG-275
in 2009, Bernhard Hein received this nice multi-QSL for 6 NDBs: ASK-360, BVK-362, HD-414, SLB-414, SOK-387, and UTH-366






Frequencies Morse Telegraphy: