Kystradio (Norwegian coastal Radio) :

In the last decades, the number of manned and independent working coastal radio stations was reduced radically. Since 2018 there are only 2 stations left, Kystradio Nord (for norwegian territory north of latitude 65°, including Svalbard, Bjornoya, and Jan Mayen) and Kystradio Sør, for norwegian territory south of 65° north. They both use the technical facilites of the former independent stations by remote control.


The above map gives you (most of) the names, the actual one (see bottom of page) only lists channels


- today's active stations (from 2018 on)
Norwegian Coastal Radio North, Bodø NOR-490
Norwegian Coastal Radio South, Rogaland NOR-491
     - former independent stations in Norway  
Alesund Radio (LGA) NOR-308
Bergen Radio (LGN) NOR-319
Bodø Radio (LGP) NOR-328
Farsund Radio (LGZ) NOR-352
Florø Radio (LGL) NOR-359
Hammerfest Radio (LGI) NOR-377
Harstad Radio (LGE) NOR-379
Ørlandet Radio (LFO) NOR-234
  Rørvik Radio (LGD) NOR-206
Rogaland Radio (LGW) NOR-248
Tjøme Radio (LGT) NOR-290
Vardø Radio (LGV) NOR-306


more details from the official site of Kystradio

see the page of Jan S Krogh, a norwegian coastal radio operator, who is also big into norwegian radio history