FCR Paris HQ :


This station was never an active station on the shortwave bands - it is the headquarter of the french telecommunications company knowns as 'FCR' or expressively 'France Cables et Radio'. Their stations were / are active in the african states, which were formerly french colonies. In some of them, FCR was soon nationalized after independance, in others FCR formed a joint venture with the national administration of telephones and telegraphs for operating international circuits, it may even still exist 'purely' in some of the mentioned states. But the shortwave radio services have certainly all stopped...


sometimes, when the african station did not answer to a reception report, a try via the Paris headquarter was helpful (Willi Passmann)



Here is a list of the african stations from FCR. In the 1970's, it was possible to receive all of them within half an hour - around 0700 hours GMT they all were opening their radiotelephone channels to Paris, and for the start they all had their voice mirror running, accompanied by radioteletype on one or more of the other channels. Most of the stations had 4 channels modulated on one carrier frequency.
All of the calls from these FCR stations were answered by FTS Paris, the station from the french state telecommunications administration.


FCR Cotonou BEN-20
FCR Ouagadougou BFA-20
FCR Bangui CAF-20
FCR Douala CME-24
FCR Brazzaville COG-20
  FCR Abidjan CTI-31
FCR Libreville GAB-27
FCR Monrovia LBR-20
FCR Tananarive MDG-230
FCR Niamey NGR-30
FCR Dakar SEN-44
FCR Fort Lamy TCD-20
FCR Lome TGO-43