Kiel Radio (DAO) :

there are 2 different stations named 'Kiel Radio', using even the same callsign 'DAO'. One is the public service station, which closed in 1994, the other is a private eMail service which started in 2000


listen to their call from 2182 kHz, recorded in 1988 by Rudy van Dalen

in 1972, the answer of the central radio office Hamburg was in a rather neutral way (Nils Schiffhauer, 1972)

here's what the listener got for a report - a friendly letter telling about the wickedness of listening to coastal radio... (Willi Passmann, 1975)
Joop Balneger received this letter, informing about the legal situation, in 1988

as with all German Utility Stations at that time, they did not verify. An exception was their time signal, which came from the Hydrographic Institute Hamburg - they were glad to send a QSL card for a transmission via Kiel Radio (rb, 1982)
just a few days before closing all services down at the end of 1994, they issued a real QSL to Ewald Glantschnig
here is a picture of one remaining tower of the receiving site (known member from, 2022)

here is a description of the station (german language!) with some pictures






Frequencies Voice:


Frequencies Morse Telegraphy: