Point-to-Point Radio Telephone Networks :

If you take a look at the development of communications, you will note an ever-changing technological attempt to improve quality and quantity for exchanging messages from one place to another. Developments were slow in the centuries before the industrialisation, but the invention of the telegraph (1837), the telephone (1876), and the radio (1897) were giant steps towards the modern communications of our times.

First use of long distance radio communications was made on long and very long wavelengths, using spark transmitters for morse signals. Later, in the 1920's, radio amateurs discovered shortwaves to be able to cruise to other continents, and on these higher frequencies it was even possible to modulate voice on the signals. Your only need was to connect the transmitter and receiver to the telephone landline network...

After World War II, the need for communications was rising more and more, and the capacity for landline and underwater cables was soon coming to its limits. So shortwave communications became a very efficient and flexible means for the worldwide exchange of telephone, telegraph, and telex messages. This very fruitful period (from the view of a utility radio dxer) lasted until the 1980s, but the decline started with the lift-off of the first telephone communication satellite in 1965 (Early Bird).

But in this time period mentioned above, it was possible to receive almost every spot on the earth with its shortwave communication station. On the website of 'utilityradio.com' you will find many recordings and pictures from all over the world; you may find them embedded on many country pages, but you may use these links as well - they will lead you to all the recordings and pictures of the public radiotelephone stations from this website. Enjoy !


Europe :
PTT Tirana ALB-25
PTT Linz AUT-27
CPRM Ponta Delgada AZR-33
PTT Brussels BEL-260
DBP Frankfurt D-6098
DBP Hamburg D-2300
PTT Berlin DDR-240
PTT Kobnhavn (= Reersoe Radio) DNK-284
CTNE Madrid E-539
ENTEL Madrid E-598
FCR Paris F-1033
FTS Paris F-2412
PTT Helsinki FIN-286
PTT Torshavn FRO-29
BTI London (= BPO London) G-922
HTO Athinai GRC-222
PTT Budapest HNG-480
PTT Amsterdam HOL-251
PTT Reykjavik ISL-240
PTT Oslo NOR-237
PTT Warszawa POL-238
CPRM Lisboa POR-220
PTT Bucuresti ROU-293
PTT Stockholm S-273
PTT Bern SUI-68
PTT Moskva URS-4491
PTT Beograd YUG-57

 Africa :
PTT Olifantsfontein 'ZUD' AFS-630
CPRM Luanda AGL-560
EPTEL Luanda AGL-290
PTT Alger ALG-327
PTT Aoulef ALG-328
PTT Bechar ALG-329
PTT Djanet ALG-291
PTT Ouargla ALG-296
PTT Tamanrasset ALG-299
PTT Tindouf ALG-289
C&W Ascension ASC-25
PTT Bujumbura BDI-24
FCR Cotonou BEN-20
PTT Cotonou BEN-27
FCR Ouagadougou BFA-20
GPO Gaborone BOT-20
FCR Bangui CAF-20
STIC Bangui CAF-26
FCR Douala CME-24
FCR Brazzaville COG-20
OTIC Brazzaville COG-48
FTS Moroni COM-26
PTT Moroni COM-27
CPRM Praia CPV-26
  PTT Praia CPV-38
  FCR Abidjan CTI-31
INTELCI Abidjan CTI-29
PTT Djibouti DJI-27
PTT Cairo EGY-220
PTT Addis Abeba ETH-81
FCR Libreville GAB-27
STIG Libreville GAB-28
ETS Accra GHA-21
C&W Banjul (Bathurst) GMB-24
SNT Malabo (= PTT Santa Isabel) GNE-27
PTT Conakry GUI-20
  EAETC Nairobi KEN-27
FCR Monrovia LBR-20
LTS Monrovia LBR-32
C&W Tripoli LBY-248
PTT Maseru LSO-20
FCR Tananarive MDG-230
STIMAD Antananarivo MDG-610
CPRM Funchal MDR-22
STIM Bamako MLI-22
CPRM Lourenco Marques MOZ-29
PTT Rabat MRC-287
OPT Nouadhibou MTN-35
OPT Nouakchott MTN-33
PTT Blantyre MWI-20
FTS Dzaoudzi MYT-24
FCR Niamey NGR-30
NET Lagos NIG-294
GPO Windhoek NMB-22
FTS Saint Denis REU-42
PTC Causeway, Salisbury, Rhodesia ZWE-25
PTT Kigali RRW-95
PTT Khartoum SDN-68
FCR Dakar SEN-44
PTT Mogadishu SOM-20
SLET Freetown SRL-28
FCR Fort Lamy TCD-20
STIT Ndjamena TCD-58
FCR Lome TGO-43
PTT Tunis TUN-40
EAETC Dar-es-Salaam TZA-23
PTT Dar-es-Salaam TZA-42
EAETC Kampala UGA-21
PTT Bukavu ZAI-270
PTT Kinshasa (Leopoldville) ZAI-266
PTT Kisangani ZAI-271
PTT Lubumbashi (Elisabethville) ZAI-200
PTT Lusaka ZMB-30
PTT Harare ZWE-25

 Asia :
PTT Kabul AFG-49
PTT Dammam ARS-289
PTT Jeddah ARS-232
PTT Medina ARS-290
PTT Riyadh ARS-291
PTT Dhaka BGD-20
C&W Manama BHR-27
PTT Phnom Penh CBG-26
PTT Peking (Beijing) CHN-257
PTT Shanghai CHN-259
OCS Colombo CLN-24
CTA Nicosia CYP-26
C&W Hongkong HKG-24
OTS New Delhi IND-239
OTS Poona IND-254
PTT Bandung INS-268
PTT Tehran  IRN-251
PTT Baghdad IRQ-40
PTT Tel Aviv ISR-60
KDD Tokyo J-341
KCWS Pyongyang KRE-42
PTT Kuwait KWT-33
PTT Beirut LBN-85
PTT Kuala Lumpur MLA-340
  PTT Kathmandu NPL-44
C&W Muscat OMA-41
  PTT Islamabad PAK-260
PTT Karachi PAK-770
  PTT Rawalpindi PAK-650
  RCA Manila PHL-296
PTT Singapore SNG-69
PTT Damascus SYR-25
CPRM Dili TMP-20
PTT Ankara TUR-254
Cable & Wireless Dubai UAE-49
PTT Hanoi VTN-730
PTT Saigon VTS-77
Cable & Wireless Aden YMS-22

 North America :
C&W St.Georges BER-21
COTC Yamachiche (Drummondville), PQ CAN-3680
GTO Godthaab GRL-360
FTS St. Pierre SPM-93
AT&T Ft.Lauderdale, FL USA-4328
AT&T Manahawkin, NJ ( = New York, NY) USA-2701
AT&T Oakland, CA USA-8003
ITT New York, NY USA-3015
RCA Rocky Point, NY USA-3003

 Central America :
GRTA Aruba ATN-28
GRTA Willemstad ATN-20
GRTA St. Maarten ATW-24
C&W Belize BLZ-20
C&W Bridgetown BRB-26
PTT Habana CUB-650
FTS Pointe-a-Pitre GDL-23
AAC&R Guantanamo Bay GTB-25
TRTC La Lima HND-41
TRTC Tegucigalpa HND-34
West Indies Telephone Co., Port-au-Prince HTI-28
PTT Mexico City MEX-640
FTS Fort de France MRT-32
TRTC Managua NCG-30
TRTC Panama City PNR-25
AAC&R San Juan PTR-29
  Radio Corporation of Puerto Rico, San Juan PTR-65
ENTEL San Andres Isla SAP-20
FTS Gustavia STB-20
C&W Grand Turk TCA-20
  T&TETC Port of Spain TRD-20

 South America :
CyT (Correos y Telefonos) (=PTT) Buenos Aires ARG-316
ENTEL Buenos Aires ARG-215
IT&T Buenos Aires ARG-303
Transradio Internacional, Buenos Aires ARG-329
  CTT Porto Alegre B-418
CTT Rio de Janeiro B-324
EMBRATEL Rio de Janeiro B-292
ITT / Companhia Radio Internacional, Rio de Janeiro B-419
RADIOBRAS Rio de Janeiro B-413
ENTEL La Paz BOL-440
West Coast of America Telephone Company, La Paz (CableWestCoast) BOL-740
IT&T Santiago CHL-293
  ENTEL Santiago CHL-269
TELCO Arica CHL-261
TELCO Punta Arenas CHL-204
TELCO Santiago CHL-262
Transradio Chilena, Santiago CHL-272
ENTEL Bogota CLM-257
ENTEL Quito EQA-220
C&W Port Stanley FLK-23
IETEL Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz GPG-23
IETEL Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Isla San Cristobal GPG-25
FTS Cayenne GUF-24
C&W Georgetown GUY-22
ANTELCO Asuncion PRG-41
AAC&R Lima PRU-550
West Coast of America Telephone Company, Lima (CableWestCoast) PRU-202
LTT Paramaribo SUR-20
ANTEL Montevideo URG-410
CANTEVE Caracas VEN-320

 Oceania :
  AORTS Sydney AUS-6260
  Lord Howe Island Radio AUS-6170
OTC Sydney AUS-6120
PTT Rarotonga CKH-22
PTT Manihiki CKN-21
RCA Agana, Guam GUM-22
FTS Noumea NCL-41
PTT Alofi NIU-22
NZPO Wellington NZL-280
FTS Papeete OCE-31
PTC Port Moresby (=OTS) PNG-223
  PTT Pago Pago SMA-20

 Antarctica :
ANARE Casey Base ATA-252
ANARE Davis Base ATA-250
FTS Port-aux-Francais KER-31