In June 2018, I made a trip to both Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) and Chile. In Chile, I decided to split the time for 2 locations, Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso. And you all know, that Valparaiso hosts the well-known station CBV at Playa Ancha, on the western edge of Valparaiso. So about 6 weeks before starting my tour I asked for a permission to visit the station, and I was enlightened to receive a very kind reply with the invitation to take a look.

When I arrived, I first had to pass a control post, as the operations room of CBV is within a naval unit. The chief of the station came to the gate, and guided me to the station's operating rooms. Many pictures were shown to me on a screen, 2 are here now (taken from the screen), showing the location of Quintero transmitting station and Concon receiving station.

These 2 stations in Quintero and Concon are shared with the Navy, so visiting was not possible

The last 3 pictures show some of the working places of CBV, still on shortwave with a few scheduled transmissions (here is the schedule, which was valid at the time of my visit).

Here the station chief shows an emergency set to me.

With these 2 pictures I say goodbye to the station, and a big 'thank you' for the warm and friendly welcome! Muchas Gracias !