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CONSOL stations have been used until approximately the mid-1980s, giving 2 different signals. First there is something like a usual NDB, that is the identification in morse code with a dash, and second there is a directed signal, using the interference and phase differences of the 3 distant antenna towers used for transporting a more precise direction finding possibility.


no recordings available


Rudy van Dalen received this nice view card of typical inhabitants of Bjornoya in 1983
another interesting letter from Rudy van Dalen's collection: from Andoya in 1983, telling about the CONSOL stations Andoya, Bjornoya, and Jan Mayen
from the collection of Reinhard Klein-Arendt: an interesting QSL from LJS with details on the 3 CONSOL stations in the area (LEX/LJS/LMC) (1985)






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