non-directional Beacons (NDB's) in Poland :

In Poland, as like in many other countries of eastern Europe and north and central Asia, many airports have 2 (or even 4) NDBs for a runway. They are paired, each two work on the same frequency, but only one at a time - they are designators giving the pilot the actual landing direction. If you have 4 NDBs, the outer pair usually works on a higher frequency, and the inner pair on a lower frequency.


This example shows the 4 NDBs known as 'Oksywie', located near Gdynia. The inner pair of NDBs (NW, NO) works on 290 kHz, the outer pair (NOW, NWO) works on 494 kHz.

In this listing, the paired NDBs according to the definition given above are considered by me as the 'same' NDB, even if it is a pair of 2 different NDBs being close to each other. But except for special reasons, there is always only one of them on the air.



(the picture on the left was prepared with the help of GoogleEarth, and the KMZ file of NDB locations contained in the digital version of Michael Oexners NDB handbook)

NDB Bydgoszcz-Szwederowo *BDG POL-401
NDB Bydgoszcz-Szwederowo *SL *SZ POL-208
NDB Cewice *ML POL-491
NDB Chociwel *CHO POL-266
NDB Czempin *CZE POL-223
NDB Darlowo *DAR POL-260
NDB Darlowo *SA POL-531
NDB Darlowo *S POL-492
NDB Deblin Irena *NED *NDE POL-304
NDB Drezdenko *DRE POL-262
NDB Gdansk *GDA POL-222
NDB Grudziadz *GRU POL-282
NDB Hel Lighthouse *H POL-276
NDB Inowroclaw *NRD POL-414
NDB Inowroclaw *UK POL-214
NDB Jaroslawiec Lighthouse *JA POL-288
NDB Jedow *JED POL-289
NDB Katowice-Pyrzowice *P POL-270
NDB Katowice-Pyrzowice *PT POL-224
NDB Kartuzy *KRT POL-290
NDB Krakow *KRW POL-257
NDB Leczyca *NJ *NWT POL-412
NDB Leczyca *NW POL-435
NDB Malbork *NB POL-497
NDB Miroslawiec *AL POL-277
NDB Oksywie *NOW *NWO POL-505
NDB Oksywie *NO *NW POL-506
NDB Powidz *NGT *NTG POL-528
NDB Powidz *NG *NT POL-508
NDB Poznan *POZ POL-239
NDB Poznan-Krzesiny *NA *NK POL-514
NDB Pruszcz Gdanski *NE POL-325
NDB Pruszcz Gdanski *NET POL-319
NDB Rozewie DGPS POL-411
NDB Rzeszow *RZE *BIA POL-242
NDB Rzeszow-Jasionka *OR POL-384
NDB Rzeszow-Jasionka *R POL-213
NDB Swidwin *ND POL-521
NDB Szczecin-Goleniow *CL *OL POL-227
NDB Szczecin-Goleniow *C *O POL-316
NDB Tomaszow-Mazowiecki *NPR POL-415
NDB Tomaszow-Mazowiecki *NP POL-385
NDB Trzebnica *TRZ POL-228
NDB Warszawa-Krasnowola *W POL-209
NDB Warszawa-Okecie *WAO POL-406
NDB Warszawa-Piaseczno *PNO POL-269
NDB Wroclaw-Stachowice *FR *HG *WRW POL-259
NDB Wroclaw-Stachowice *F *H *WRC POL-303
NDB Zielona Gora - Babimost *BBM POL-480