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Several people have asked me, why there are 3 different entries - Shannon Aero, Shannon Volmet, and Shanwick Aero? It's a quite philosophical question... technically, all 3 stations mentioned are using the same transmitter plant, Ballygirreen in the Republic of Ireland, a few miles north of Shannon airport. The differentiation is the purpose and the control over the 3 stations mentioned.
Shannon Aero is the station for the aeronautical traffic controlled by Shannon airport, it was 'Shannon Aeradio' for ground/air traffic (since 1966 conducted by Shanwick), and 'Shannon AFTN' for fixed radiolinks between Shannon on the one and Iceland, Gander, New York, and Santa Maria on the other end. All transmissions of Shannon Aero on shortwave have gone.
Shannon Volmet is still active, transmitting aviation weather data of several european cities for aircraft on shortwave, one of the most wellknown utility radio stations here. For the actual transmission schedule look here, at the bottom of the page.
Shanwick Aero nowadays is the oceanic control centre for all flights on the north atlantic tracks. They are very active, because the number of flights across the atlantic is rising and rising. While the transmitting station is, as said, in Ballygirreen, Ireland, the control centre is physically located in Prestwick, Scotland, Great Britain. The name 'Shanwick' is made up as a combination of 'Shannon' and 'Prestwick'. For more details, look here and here .
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see this historic reception verification from the files of Phil Finkle, received in 1955
this wonderful and informative folder was sent out in 1982, valid for verifying reports for (Shannon / Shanwick) (Aero / Volmet)
in this case it was really Shannon Aero: on 11440 kHz there was the radioteletype link from Shannon to Santa Maria (rb)

watch out for the many QSL-pictures collected on the page for Shannon Volmet (aviation weather) or Shanwick Aero (ground-to-air control traffic)






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