NDB Cromer Lighthouse *CM :


the 6 maritime radiobeacons Smiths Knoll Lv *SK, Goeree Lt *GR, Dudgeon Lv *LV, Outer Gabbard Lv *GA, Cromer *CM, and Noord Hinder Lt *NR formed a network on their working frequency, where each of the stations was transmitting the callsign and a dash for 1 minute each, giving the ship's radio operator good bearings to several fixed points in short time. A special item of this network was the use of a defined pitch of the dash: here it was 670 Hz to differentiate from other signals. With the use of GPS (and DGPS) signals this service became obsolete.


no recordings available


a nice QSL with viewcard, detailed letter, and PPC (Reinhard Klein-Arendt, 1986)
in 1987, Rudy van Dalen received a QSL with a different viewcard, and a detailed letter






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