C&W London HQ :


This station was never an active station on the shortwave bands - it is the headquarter of the british telecommunications company knowns as 'C&W' or expressively 'Cable and Wireless'. Their stations were / are active in all the states, which were formerly british colonies*, virtually all over the world. In some of them, C&W was soon nationalized after independance, in others C&W formed a joint venture with the national administration of telephones and telegraphs for operating international circuits, it may even still exist 'purely' in some of the mentioned states. But the shortwave radio services have certainly all stopped...

The stations of 'Cable & Wireless' were good verifiers in the 1960ies, but when utility radio listening became more popular in the 1970ies, with a growing number of unskilled reports, they got somehow angry about the QSL-hunters, and stopped verifying reception reports. They made order to all stations, that it is no longer allowed to deal with those reports; they all should then be forwarded to London HQ for appropriate action. This then looked like this:
a friendly letter, explaining the reasons for not verifying a listener's report (Wilfried Westrupp, 1972)
still friendly, but distinctively repeating the plot for those still trying their luck (rb, 1973)



The stations from 'Cable & Wireless' operated coastal radio stations, as well as fixed point-to-point services. The latter ones did work often in regional systems, where there was one hub station in every area concerned. For the carribbean, it was Barbados, for the near and middle east, it was Bahrain. Direct services with London where made from the hubs, and e.g. Hong Kong, Aden, or Ascension. European stations were connected directly to London, too. The path from London to the outlying stations was carried out by BPO London, the British Post Office, which changed its name later to 'British Telecom International'.

Here the links to all the stations of C&W mentioned in the countries section within this web site:

C&W Ascension ASC-25
Bermuda Radio (VRT) BER-24
C&W St.Georges BER-21
Bahrain Radio (A9M) BHR-24
C&W Manama BHR-27
C&W Belize BLZ-20
Barbados Radio (8PO) BRB-23
C&W Bridgetown BRB-26
C&W Moroni *) COM-29
C&W Port Stanley FLK-23
  Port Stanley Radio (VPC) FLK-25
C&W Gibraltar GIB-25
Gibraltar Radio (ZDK) GIB-24
Banjul Radio (C5G) GMB-23
C&W Banjul (Bathurst) GMB-24
C&W Georgetown GUY-22
C&W Hongkong HKG-24
Hongkong Radio (VPS) HKG-27
C&W Kingston JMC-34
C&W Tripoli LBY-248
C&W Port Louis MAU-25
C&W St Georges MLT-35
C&W Victoria, Mahe SEY-20
Seychelles Radio, Victoria, Mahe (S7Q) SEY-74
C&W Jamestown SHN-92
St.Helena Radio (ZHH) SHN-93
C&W Grand Turk TCA-20
C&W Port of Spain TRD-31
Aden Radio (7OA) YMS-24
C&W Aden YMS-22

* the fact, that Moroni from the Comoro Islands became part of the british dominated C&W network was a result of some political dispute between France and the Comoro Islands, as France refused to have ALL islands of the Comoro group becoming independent; the island of Mayotte was kept as french overseas department.


Cable & Wireless ist still an active player in the ever-growing market of telecommunications. In 2010, it was divided into 2 companies, Cable & Wireless Communications and Cable & Wireless Worldwide. But, definitely, no one of them will come back to shortwave...