Non-Directional Beacons (NDBs) in Denmark :

NDB Aalborg *GL DNK-204
NDB Aarhus *TL DNK-293
NDB Billund *GE DNK-214
NDB Billund *LO DNK-208
NDB Blaavandshuk Lt. *BH DNK-216
NDB Esbjerg *EJ DNK-241
NDB Esbjerg *HP DNK-217
NDB Hammerodde DGPS DNK-285
NDB Hammerodde Lt. *MN DNK-247
NDB Hanstholm Lt. *HM DNK-249
NDB Hirsholm Lt. *HO DNK-251
NDB Karup *KA DNK-255
NDB Karup *KP DNK-256
NDB Kobnhavn-Roskilde *RK DNK-229
NDB Kolding *KD DNK-218
NDB Odense-Beldringe *FE DNK-298
NDB Rodby-Maribo *MB DNK-276
NDB Rönne-Fauna *FAU DNK-243
NDB Sindal *SD DNK-230
NDB Skive *HY DNK-235
NDB Skive *SV DNK-221
NDB Skrydstrup *SP DNK-237
NDB Skrydstrup-Vojens *VO DNK-295
NDB Sonderborg *IN DNK-300
NDB Sonderborg *SB DNK-244
NDB Stauning *AU DNK-291
NDB Stauning *VJ DNK-270
NDB Thisted-East *TE DNK-259
NDB Thisted-West *TW DNK-258
NDB Tirstrup *ML DNK-262
NDB Tirstrup *TU DNK-222
NDB Vesta *VES DNK-286


Besides the normal morse code, stations of scandinavian countries (DNK, S, NOR, FIN) have the following additional letters:

.-.- . = .Ä Æ
.--.- .= .Å
---.. = .Ö. Ø


See here 2 charts from the nautical handbook of 1951, showing all marine NDBs in Denmark, and the other countries around

NDBs connected with a black line operated on a 'time-shared' basis (each station 1 or 2 minutes), using the same frequency. They are all gone since about the end of the 1980s.