TS Nauen :


here is a recording from 1986 (rb) Y3S never transmitted an ID, so these 2 minutes just give you the sound and the coding, but no identification

in 1964, Maarten van Delft received an interesting letter with this nice picture from institute - you see some parts of the antenna
the above letter gives some interesting details on the schedules of the 5 MHz time signal stations MSF and HBN in those days
this letter confirms the time signals transmitted on 'Stimme der DDR' on longwave 182 kHz (Ary Boender)
from Hans-Friedrich Dumrese, a verification under the old callsign DIZ from 1971
slightly different version from the files of Wilfried Westrupp (1971)
this QSL folder still holds the old 'DIZ' callsign (Frank Schüttig)
here a QSL issued by the PTT (Tom Rösner, 1981)
a new version QSL Folder for 'Y3S' with detailed transmission format (rb, 1984)






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