TS Nauen (Y3S) :


here is a recording from 1986 (rb) Y3S never transmitted an ID, so these 2 minutes just give you the sound and the coding, but no identification

in 1964, Maarten van Delft received an interesting letter with this nice picture from institute - you see some parts of the antenna
the above letter gives some interesting details on the schedules of the 5 MHz time signal stations MSF and HBN in those days
this letter confirms the time signals transmitted on 'Stimme der DDR' on longwave 182 kHz (Ary Boender)
from Hans-Friedrich Dumrese, a verification under the old callsign DIZ from 1971
slightly different version from the files of Wilfried Westrupp (1971)
see this nice verification, and the picture from one of the laboratories wher time 'was made' (Dieter Pohlmann, 1973)
this QSL folder still holds the old 'DIZ' callsign (Frank Schüttig)
here a QSL issued by the PTT (Tom Rösner, 1981)
a new version QSL folder for 'Y3S' with detailed transmission format (rb, 1984)






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