Regierungsfunkstelle / Polizeihauptfunkstelle (PHFS) Kirspenich :
(government/police transmitting plant)

This was a very secret transmitting station, hidden in a forest in Kirspenich, west of Bonn. The capital Bonn was not too far away, and it had its own secret bunker, to have the government survive an atomic war - for 30 days... that bunker was at Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, about 25 km away from Bonn. But for perfect hiding, no antennas were allowed, and then a second bunker was prepared, a little bit northwest of where the government planned to survive the atomic war, in Kirspenich. Here the antennas were mounted on short masts, hidden between trees.

Many services were transmitted out of this station. For MFA Bonn transmissions were made sending messages to the embassies, and for the secret service 'BND' some services came in the air. For the network of the ministry of interior (MoI) it was the hub, connecting to all stations. This 'MoI' net was operating on short range, within germany, and there were 3 large logarithic-periodic antennas, one distributing the signals north-east (Hamburg, Bremen, ...), one to the east (Berlin, Erfurt, ...), and one to the south-east (Stuttgart, Munich, ...).


no recordings available

here is a picture describing the network, found in the bunker
here a picture, taken while the station was still active
here some detail pictures of switching boards, mentioning frequencies and channels
some views to the antenna fields, very small towers hidden between trees
many antenna towers, but working fine (all pictures: rb, 2011)

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this is a little movie giving an impression on this secret site

here the location on Google (rb)



For frequencies and callsigns and other details, please refer to the individual stations:

- MFA Bonn

- MoI Bonn

- BND Bonn