EFR Europäische Funkrundsteuerung (Radio Ripple Control), Mainflingen (DCF49):
this station transmits small data telegrams on longwave, controlling electrical appliances for example


this is how it sounds like (ASCII-200 Bd) (rb, 2008)
look at the 3 station signals with their data telegrams on a spectrum receiver (rb, 2009)
here tuned to the hungarian signal from Lakihegy on nominal 135,6 kHz, with Mainflingen 129,1 to the left and Burg 139 kHz to the right


this QSL-card is from the files of Marcel Kurtz (2008)
Dieter Pohlmann recieved a different QSL-card in 2014


See their homepage for more details on the transmissions






Frequencies Radioteletype:


Systems used:
ASCII 200 Bd