NDB - non directional beacons from Cuba (or possibly Cuba) :

  NDB Camaguey *UMC CUB-890
  NDB Cayabo *UCY CUB-210
  NDB Cayo Largo del Sur *ULC CUB-248
  NDB Playa Baracoa *UBP CUB-264
  NDB Santa Clara *USC CUB-269
  NDB Varadero *URV CUB-274
  NDB Zaragoza *UZG CUB-215
NDB unid, possibly Cuba *UBC ? ZZ-2534
  NDB unid, possibly Cuba *ULV ZZ-2582

Cuban NDBs seem to have very low effective radiated power - the signal of 'URV' was received in about 30km distance with the same signal strength as 'CBC' from the Cayman Islands - a distance of 400 km. 'DDP' from Puerto Rico, known as a powerhouse, got a 7dB stronger signal than 'URV', from a distance of 1600 km...
All the other cuban stations also had a low signal level.