CYP - Cyprus :

Today Cyprus is divided in 3 parts: when it became an independent state in 1960, the former british colonial administration reserved parts of the country for its military bases (Akrotiri, Dhekelia), being still under full british administration (SBA = 'Sovereign Base Area'). After some clashes between cypriotic citizens of greek and turk descent, turkish troops invaded in 1974 and created a 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus', internationally not recognized, except by the 'Turkish Motherland'.

AUT Mil Larnaca (OEY61) CYP-32
CFARS Ledra Palace (VXN91) CYP-29
CFARS Nicosia (VXN9) CYP-28
CTA Nicosia CYP-26
Cyprus Radio (5BA) CYP-40
F Emb Nicosia CYP-Fd
FIN Emb Nicosia CYP-FINd
Kyrenia Port Radio CYP-58
NDB Akrotiri *AK CYP-92
NDB Dhekelia *DKA CYP-39
NDB Gecitkale *GKE CYP-50
NDB Larnaca *LCA CYP-43
NDB Paphos *PHA CYP-45
RAF Akrotiri (MKD) CYP-33
RAF Mount Olympus (MKA) CYP-74
  USA Emb Nicosia (KWN90) CYP-USAd