Tony Paredes, Argentina


I was born in December 1961 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Son of Spanish immigrants in Argentina
My first memory of the radio goes back to 1968 when I was 6 years old. On a ship trip back from Spain to Argentina, my father bought a radio receiver SW / MW / LW in the Canary Islands. I remember my father on the deck trying to tune some station, although he had no a particular interest in radio. The radio was a beautiful and modern (for that time) Standard brand Japanese receiver. Back in Argentina, my father always listened to local AM radio, but I was intrigued by the mysterious language and strange "noises" that were heard on shortwave. It was not until 1975 that my passion was truly born on the radio when I'm my last year of primary school.
My beginnings were very modest indeed. With old valve radios and poor antennas I did my first international shortwave stations listeners. My passion for radio grew and in 1981 I got my amateur radio license (LU2DKN) that I have so far and in recent years I "re-discovered" utility stations, the mysterious sounds heard with my father's
receiver in my youth, now are my main occupation in this fascinating hobby.
Professionally I work as a RF technician in a mobile telephone company. Previously I worked at the port of Mar Del Plata in naval electronic equipment maintenance.


me in 1982 and a big Sailor HF radio in a ship, just installed


my current radio shack