tiNG (ti25)

Real name Thomas Ingenpass. Born 1970 near the Dutch-German border, now living in vicinity of Kiel (D) in a small village named Grevenkrug (QTH: 54°13'13''N 010°00'40'', JO54AF).

Equipped with Philips D2935, Siemens RK770 (equal to Sangean ATS-818ACS), JRC NRD-525 (with VHF- and UHF-expansion) and Icom ICR71, Wavecom W4010. And sometimes on the bands with a Hagenuk RX1001.

I'm working as professional radio-operator on the maritime mobile and aeronautical bands.

I discovered the fascination of shortwave-sounds in the tight age of around 6 years. Beneath getting inspired by popular and classical music I came across those incredible sounds when switching from UKW / FM to KW / SW on my mother's kitchen radio. In those days I didn't know what it was but this fascination took me over the years until I became a radio professional.

Most fascinating were those numbers stations. And this fascination is still alive. But since keying on the HF-bands myself I am also interested in RTTY, CW an all other parts of the hobby, including NDB.

Nowadays, since there are less usable signals on the bands (and much more homemade QRM!!!) I also listen to pirate-stations ("Schwarzfunker").

Due to my job I have to move very often and my QTH changes the same. Regarding that I'm nowadays working and logging as tiNG (Northern Germany). J

The picture was taken mid of September 2008 at my former home-qth at Hohenlockstedt.