Michael Marten


here a picture from approximately 1971, while receiving exciting stuff on the Grundig Satellit with BFO-set added



See Michael Marten (right) and Rainer Brannolte (left) waiting for the physician after a long radio night ;-)


Michael Marten has produced many articles about radio topics in the german monthly radio paper 'beam', where he was chief editor for many years. Additionally, he wrote many books for the german and european market, all focussing on radio-related titels. From the end of the 1990s on he continued editing of 'Spezial Frequenzliste' with Siebel-Publishers, with his last edition '2015/16' published by Funk-Verlag Dessau. This book had a very high worldwide reputation as one of the best and most accurate frequency handbooks available.
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Michael Marten died in December 2022