Ivan Dias da Silva Junior


My name is Ivan Dias and I was born in 1978 in São Paulo, Brazil. I live in Sorocaba since 1986 and I work as Telecommunications Officer in the São Paulo state police. As you can see, radio is more than a hobby for me, as probably you will see between other utility DXers too.

My first contact with shortwave was during 1990 and the first QSL card was received in 1993, from HCJB, The Voice of the Andes. My interest in Utility DXing started around 2000, with easier catches like aeronautical stations. Around 2002 I bought a MFJ-402B and decoded digital modes for the first time. Seeing the Brazilian Navy navigation warning on the decoder display was unforgettable!

Today the digital activity is decoded by software, of course, and I try to QSL everything in Utility DXing.

73, Ivan Dias – Sorocaba/SP