Hajo Russow


Hajo Russow lived in Berlin, and was one of the most experienced utility radio monitors in the years between 1960 and 1986, when he suddenly passed away.

There was almost no country, from where he did not manage to pick up the one or the other signal. His collection of QSLs and soundclips was tremedous, and his shack was very impressive. We met several times in his shack in Berlin or in my small shack in Braunschweig, and these were always very enlightening meetings. I learned a lot while meeting him; he was a kind of 'elder brother' to me. Once we exchanged utility-recordings, and these remain on this site as a memory. Unfortunately, in those days the price of audio cassettes was too high for me to copy all he had recorded - so unfortunately many unique recordings of Hajo may be lost forever.

He left a wife and a young daughter those days.



Rainer Brannolte, 2009