Hans-Friedrich Dumrese


Born 1954 in the Eichsfeld in Lower Saxony I live today in the more than 2.000 years old town of Trier in the Mosel valley. As an electrical engineer I work for an international utility company.

In 1969 I started DXing with a GRUNDIG Satellit 210 and have confirmed meanwhile 192 EDXC countries. In the Seventies I discovered the exciting utility world outside the BC bands and could get some QSLs from otherwise hard to hear countries. At the same time I managed the German DX club adxb-DL and wrote a book about awards from broadcasting stations. In the
Eighties I was a regular contributor (book reviews, history of shortwave broadcasting) to the DX program "DX-Mix" from the Evangeliumsrundfunk (TWR German branch).

Today I listen to the shortwave with my old SONY ICF-2001D, a SANGEAN ATS-909 and a LEXTRONIC E5. I've never finished to listen to BC stations, but
nowadays I'm more interested in number stations. You can find my loggings in the A-DX mailing list and in the Enigma2000 mailing list.