RUS - Russian Federation :


Please, watch out for station data of the same stations during the existence of the predecessor country Soviet Union (URS) !


AF Moskva RUS-4249
ALFA Krasnodar RUS-2467
AUT Emb Moskva RUS-AUTd
Aeroflot Khabarovsk RUS-8653
Aeroflot Moskva RUS-4255
Amderma Meteo RUS-8644
Archangelsk Aero RUS-4262
Archangelsk Meteo RUS-4260
Archangelsk Radio UCE RUS-4261
Archangelsk Radio RLK7 RUS-4264
Astrachan Radio UCY RUS-4268
Astrachan Radio RFA RUS-4347
CZE Emb Moskva RUS-CZEd
Chelyabinsk Aero RUS-8701
Cita Aero RUS-8709
Culman Aero RUS-8710
D Emb Moskva RUS-Dd
EGY Emb Moskva RUS-EGYd
Ekaterinburg Aero RUS-8647
Ekaterinburg Volmet RUS-8789
F Emb Moskva RUS-Fd
Gelendzhik Radio UVA RUS-4244
Irkutsk Aero RUS-8623
Irkutsk Meteo RUS-8624
Irkutsk Volmet RUS-8625
Kazan Aero RUS-8635
Khabarovsk Aero RUS-8703
Khabarovsk Meteo RUS-8636
Khabarovsk Volmet RUS-8704
Kholmsk Radio UDB RUS-8637
Kholmsk Radio UQB RUS-8638
Kirensk Aero RUS-8724
Kolpashevo Aero RUS-8649
Korsakov Radio UDC4 RUS-8670
Krasnodar Radio RUF9 RUS-4275
Magadan Aero RUS-8654
Magadan Volmet RUS-8657
Mil Moskva RUS-4380
Mineralnye Vody Aero RUS-4310
Moskva Aero RUS-4251
Moskva Meteo RUS-4231
Moskva Radio RRR34 RUS-2032
Moskva Radio ROT RUS-4323
Moskva Radio UAT RUS-4326
Moskva Volmet RUS-4327
Murmansk Aero RUS-4355
Murmansk Meteo RUS-4233
Murmansk Radio UDK RUS-4358
Murmansk Radio UQA4 RUS-4363
Murmansk Radio UMN RUS-4364
Murmansk Radio ROD RUS-4369
Nakhodka Radio UAI RUS-8674
Nakhodka Radio UKI RUS-8676
Nevelsk Radio UFM3 RUS-8679
Nizhnij-Novgorod Radio UJE RUS-4322
Novorossiisk Radio UFN RUS-4450
Novorossiisk Radio UGW RUS-4259
Novosibirsk Aero RUS-8687
Novosibirsk Meteo RUS-8650
Novosibirsk Volmet RUS-8688
Ny Archangelsk RUS-4306
Ny Moskva RUS-4437
Ny St.Petersburg RUS-4295
Ny Ustinov RUS-8780
Ny Vaygach RUS-4297
Ny Vladivostok RUS-8766
Omsk Aero RUS-8646
Orenburg Aero RUS-8646
POL Emb Moskva RUS-POLd
PTT Moskva RUS-4491
Penza Aero RUS-8607
Petropavlovsk Radio UBE RUS-8609
Petropavlovsk Radio UFH RUS-8610
Petrozavodsk Radio UBO3 RUS-4273
Providenia Bukhta Radio UGH RUS-8618
RAAM Moskva RUS-4240
ROU Emb Moskva RUS-ROUd
Radio Moskva Feeder RUS-4286
Rostov Aero RUS-4300
Rostov Meteo RUS-4277
Rostov Radio UFJ RUS-4301
Rostov Volmet RUS-4302
SUI Emb Moskva RUS-SUId
Samara Aero RUS-4201
Samara Meteo RUS-4221
Samara Volmet RUS-4202
St.Petersburg Aero RUS-4205
St.Petersburg Radio UGC RUS-4290
St.Petersburg Radio ULW RUS-4292
St.Petersburg Radio UBF RUS-4293
St.Petersburg Radio UHP5 RUS-4387
St.Petersburg Rescue RUS-2311
St.Petersburg Volmet RUS-4206
Syktyvkar Aero RUS-8791
Syktyvkar Volmet RUS-8792
TS Arkhangelsk RJH77 RUS-8884
TS Irkutsk RID / RTZ RUS-8886
TS Krasnodar RJH63 RUS-4334
TS Moskva RBU / RWM RUS-4214
TS Nizhniy Novgorod RJH90 RUS-6091
TS Novosibirsk RTA RUS-8892
Tuapse Radio RPLT RUS-4350
Tyumen Volmet RUS-8904
URSI Moskva RUS-4319
Ulan Ude Aero RUS-8913
Vladivostok Radio UFZ RUS-8024
Vladivostok Radio UFL RUS-8925
Volgograd Aero RUS-4222
Vologda Aero RUS-4223
Yakutsk Volmet RUS-8627
Yenisej Aero RUS-8629
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Aero RUS-8944
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Radio UGH2 RUS-8945