In March 2020, I tried to make a visit to the HF radio station of Luqa Airport, but this ended up in a big disappointment. Prior to my visit I checked the exact location on 'GoogleEarth', even found the sign on the entrance of 'Malta Air Traffic Services' on 'StreetView'.

Unfortunately, when I came around that plant, I noted, that it was abandoned, and heavy machines were doing their work of destroying what once was a solid player in the world of utility radio stations.

3 services had their antennas here, the rhombus types used for the point-to-point aeronautical fixed telecommunications network (AFTN), the wire antennas working for the aeronautical mobile service (gound/air), and also the antenna for the non directional beacon MTA.

Here are a few pictures which I made in March 2020:

it's a pity...

All these shortwave signals are history now, maybe some appartment complexes will rise on this ground. For tourist purposes it will not be suitable, as it is quite close to Luqa Airport, in the direct approach of the airport's runway. In the other direction you will find the freeport of Malta, and lots of industrial areas.

Take a look for yourself: Latitude = N35 48 56, Longitude = E014 31 45