KSV - Kosovo :


Yugoslavia (YUG) started to fall apart from 1992 on, and out of bloody wars many new countries were born, as by this timetable:

1992-01-15: Croatia (HRV) and Slovenia (SVN) declared independence
1992-04-06: Bosnia-Hercegovina (BIH) declared independence
1993-04-08: Macedonia (MKD) declared independence
2003-02-05: the leftovers from Yugoslavia (YUG) changed the name to Serbia-Montenegro (YUG)
2006-06-04: with the divorce of Montenegro (MNE) and Serbia (SRB) there was no more Serbia-Montenegro (YUG)
2008-02-17: still, the atomization keeps on: Kosovo (KSV) declares indendence from Serbia (SRB), but not recognised worldwide

so please, watch out for the exact date to see which country is involved


AUT KFOR Mil Suvareka OEY62 KSV-20
AUT KFOR Mil Dulje KSV-26
NDB Pristina *PRI KSV-61
NDB Camp Bondsteel Heliport *BS KSV-91