NDB - non-directional beacons on Lighthouses, Lightvessels, Airports, and from the countryside in and around IRELAND :

NDB Bunratty *BNY IRL-260
NDB Clonmel *CML IRL-340
  NDB Connaught *KNK IRL-710
  NDB Donegal-Carrickfin *CFN IRL-690
  NDB Dublin *OE IRL-240
  NDB Dublin *OP IRL-420
NDB Dublin-Garristown *GAR IRL-250
NDB Dublin-Killiney *KLY IRL-330
NDB Foynes *FOY IRL-230
NDB Germanston *GMN IRL-270
NDB Kerry-Farranfore *KER IRL-700
  NDB Pirate station, thought to be in Ireland *MB ZZ-2156
NDB Shannon *OL IRL-590
NDB Sligo *SLG IRL-760
NDB Waterford *WTD IRL-640