Ny Mahon :


no recordings available

this big VLF antenna is located in the east of Menorca island (39 51 23 N, 4 17 30 E), a circle of ~250m in diameter, with 20 masts each about 35m tall.
Station looks active, a car behind the gate, no sign except the spanish state flag. Frequency unnown - but on 63,85 kHz is a very strong RTTY signal ;-))
Google Earth has censored this place; try using the time slide ruler reveals it again. So what...?!?
a closer look to the antenna masts
a different view, as seen from a ship on the entrance of Mahon harbour, with the DGPS station in the foreground.
I am quite sure, that this antenna is used by the spanish navy, though that is not yet confirmed. (rb, 2013)






Frequencies Morse Telegraphy: