DDR - Germany D.R. (East-Germany) :

Germany was divided after World War II into four occupation zones, from which the American, British, and French zones formed in 1948 the Federal Republic of Germany, also known as West-Germany, and the Soviet zone formed the German Democratic Republic, also known as East-Germany. The city of Berlin kept it's status as occupied territory, as en enclave within the German Democratic Republic. Since October 3, 1990, the 3 parts are unified again, as Federal Republic of Germany.


ADN Berlin DDR-610
Interflug Berlin DDR-390
NDB - 12 non-directional beacons from the GDR extra page
PTT Berlin DDR-240
Potsdam Meteo (Y3K) DDR-480
Rügen Radio (DHS / Y5M) DDR-640
S Emb Berlin DDR-Sd
TS Nauen (DIZ / Y3S) DDR-510