BIH - Bosnia-Hercegovina :


Yugoslavia (YUG) started to fall apart from 1992 on, and out of bloody wars many new countries were born, as by this timetable:

1992-01-15: Croatia (HRV) and Slovenia (SVN) declared independence

1992-04-06: Bosnia-Hercegovina (BIH) declared independence

1993-04-08: Macedonia (MKD) declared independence

2003-02-05: the leftovers from Yugoslavia (YUG) changed the name to Serbia-Montenegro (YUG)

2006-06-04: with the divorce of Montenegro (MNE) and Serbia (SRB) there was no more Serbia-Montenegro (YUG)

2008-02-17: still, the atomization keeps on: Kosova (KSV) declares indendence from Serbia (SRB)

so please, watch out for the exact date to see which country is involved


DNK Mil Tuzla BIH-336
FF Sarajevo BIH-245
HOL Mil Banja Luka BIH-339
HOL Mil Sisava BIH-337
ICRC Banja Luka BIH-235
ICRC Bihac BIH-236
ICRC Bljeljina BIH-205
ICRC Mostar BIH-220
ICRC Pale BIH-201
ICRC Sarajevo BIH-229
ICRC Tuzla BIH-243
ICRC Zenica BIH-244
MSF Tuzla BIH-258
MSF Zenica BIH-280
NDB - 6 non-directional beacons from Bosnia-Hercegovina extra page
  S Mil Tuzla BIH-265
  S Mil Zivince BIH-340
UNHCR Banja Luka BIH-264
UNHCR Bihac BIH-278
UNHCR Sarajevo BIH-227
UNHCR Tuzla BIH-266
UNHCR Zenica BIH-200
  UNPROFOR Sarajevo BIH-338