Garajau unid Station :


When driving on the highway between Funchal and Madeira Airport, I noted an interesting antenna complex right beside the road (exit 15 - Garajau). There were 3 antennas to be seen, of which 2 looked like non-directional aerials for possibly medium wave or short wave, and one was a kind of multi-band dipole, seemingly shortwave (sorry, I am no antenna expert!). The last one was spread out in a direction that might well be directed towards to Portugal. Two of the antennas were within the area of a telecommunications service company, as the many cars of them parked under the dipole revealed: 'viatel' and/or 'pdt' and/or 'visabeiraglobal' (check their site!), and many big cable rolls confirmed it's a communications construction company's building. The third antenna was just across the street. As it was a sunday, no one to talk to was found. The antennas seemed to be in good shape, and in operational status.
Surprisingly, when I returned home to Germany, I asked 'Google Earth' - but no antennas were visible (32 38'37.12 N, 16 51'23.38 W). Of course, censorship takes out the one or the other interesting item, but the antennas looked new, and why hiding something, that is very close to one of the most frequent used roads of whole Madeira island... So the antenna complex might be newer than the Google-Earth picture. But - building new stations on frequencies below 30 MHz is rare nowadays, no matter if it's broadcasting or utility. By the way, the two active Madeira AM broadcasting stations are located on different places (RdP, Monte, 1332kHz; PEF, Poiso, 1530 kHz).
(rb, february 2011)


this one is well seen from the highway, reminds me of a medium wave station in Germany (Wolfsheim DRM station antenna)
here the building with the dipole in the backyard
different view on the dipole antenna, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
a little more detailed look to the dipole
antenna's feeding point and the cars of the construction company
the antenna and the dipole seen from across the street
here the 2 antennas within the plant from a different angle (all pictures: rb, 2011)




Callsigns and Frequencies:
not known