E mil Las Nieves :


Unexpectedly, while looking for a place with a great view on northern Lanzarote, I stumbled across an antenna farm hidden close to the 'Ermita de las Nieves', halfway between Haria and Teguise. The antennas on the view from the west front are pointing directly to the airport, and seem to be connected to it (VHF / UHF ?) - Arrecife Airport has a military terminal, too. But the antennas on the other parts of the area seem to be a general receiving and direction finding station, and with something that looks like a logarithmic-periodic antenna for transmitting whatever back to someplace in Spain. The elevation of the LP was rather low, and it could be hardly seen from anyplace else than from the 'Ermita de las Nieves' - just owing to hard winds, or for better hiding...?
Outside on the wall of the area was the sign 'prohibido el paso - zona militar', and inside, on the entrance of a building, there was the symbol of the operating agency (I guess), but due to the distance the text was unreadable. Maybe someone knows it - look at it in the second row of the first picture. (rb, December 2008)


After discussion in the UDXF-Forum, and after some messages from outside that forum, the following seems to be true: It is an observation station of a spanish 'electronic war' unit, aiming at north-west africa. It is doubtful, that there are really transmissions from that place, but at least it is possible. Also there seems to be no connection to the airport, just a coincidence that the antennas go that way. (rb, January 2009)


A look at the station from east (upper row), from the west (middle row), and again from the east (lower row), with all antenna arrangements. The picture at the end of the middle row was the sign on the entrance within the walls. Looks like the symbol of the operating department: an owl, always watching...

A logarithmic-periodic antenna, and a non-directional receiving antenna in the upper row, and a closer look to the direction-finding array in the lower row.

Relatively close to the 'Las Nieves' Installation (2.2 km / 1.4 miles north-north-east) is a big Radar Station, said to be operated by the Spanish Airforce.



No frequencies or call signs known